5 things I like about Reeldirector

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I’ve been trying to edit video in ridiculous places lately being so busy; in the car, at the movie theater (TED isn’t worth watching anyway). My friend and I have even planned to take our laptops to the Rockies vs Pittsburgh tomorrow if it doesn’t rain (no doubt we’ll become the subject of someone else’s blog then, we probably deserve to be made fun of).

That’s why I decided to try Reeldirector – a video editing app made for the iPhone. Here’s a few things I really liked about this app, and some I didn’t.

The app cost $1.99 from the iTunes store and took literally seconds to download.

User friendliness
It’s really intuitive, as soon as I opened the app I knew exactly where to go to do what (the + button to add video, the “T” to add text). It probably helped to have some familiarity with Mac video editing programs like iMovie.

Not skimping on the extra features
The text editor for example. There were about 60 different fonts to chose from (which I think may be more than iMovie?) I also like the overall clean modern look of text placed on screen. You also get placement options. You get 30 different options to transition between clips which is also huge for such a small device (in iMovie you only get 24 so on the whole this seems like more of a professional product).

Lots of import options for material
You can import movies and photo still images from the phone only (I doubt you would need to import from another device, otherwise wise why would you be editing on the phone). You can also grab music from iPod or record your own soundtrack. No upload from another video though.

Two drawbacks
My only criticism of this app for professional editing purposes is that you seem to only be able to trim in silent mode, whereas it really helps to be able to scroll through sound while you’re cutting so you’re not chopping out important pieces of information and editing to what you want to convey. In addition, ot would be nice to have a very immediate easy to use social sharing function to post to Facebook, Twitter etc.

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